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Product Name : Walltalkers Erase.Rite
Product Code : WT-ER50
Backing : Non-Woven Fabric
Roll Width : 1.24 / 1.27m wide
Weight : 610 g/m2
GAIN : .947
Hanging Direction : Horizontal hang
Adhesive : WallFix 100
Uses : Projection Surface / Dry-Erase

Versatile and innovative, walltalkers erase•rite® can turn any wall into a presentation surface. Designed for use as a projection surface, erase•rite® is constructed with a non-glare dry erase film.

Erase•rite® can serve as a virtually seamless projection screen for applications that do not require an embossed surface. Erase•rite® is a projection capable surface with dry erase writing characteristics and is available in white only.

Specify this product when the surface is going to be used as a projection screen at least 50% of the time and a writing surface 50% of the time.

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