This collection is inspired by the famous masterpieces from the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. In this collection lush blooms are taking on a darker atmosphere, blossoming from black-as-night backgrounds in a riot of vintage-inspired greys, deep reds, and creams. The nostalgic tulips are from the painting ‘Floral still life’ by Hans Bollongier (1639). The colorful garland is from the painting ‘Garland of flowers surrounding a bust of flora’ by Jan Philip van Thielen (1665). The Digital Wallcoverings are designed by a Dutch Master from the 21st century; interior and fashion print designer Katarina Stupavska. Katarina: ‘My fascination for creating prints is that they can tell a story. For every emotion, any goal, there is a print to be created.’ Make your wall a masterpiece with our Dutch Masters!